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Beachwear with colourful smilies is straight up my alley. Hard to pick one piece, but why pick one.. Set and bikinis for sunny days / dates. For her, him and the kids.

The Brazilian brand Triya was born in the urban city of São Paulo. From a common passion of 3 friends Isabela Frugiuele, Bebel Fioravanti and Carla Franco: beach, summer, sun. Created in 2005 the brand arose from the desire to see something new on Brazilian beaches, with color, with art and bossa! It was with this plan that Isabela, creative designer and plastic artist, designed the young, solar, modern and colourful DNA of TRIYA.

Designed for today's versatile, creative women, the pieces are inspired by nature, music, cinema. Art, in all its forms, serves as the starting point for collections. Fresh DNA with solar and high astral. The TRIYA woman is light, modern, and carried away by the peace of the sea...

Discover other styles and collections here.

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