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Uppdaterat: 24 jan.

Found this little cutie in Lille town at Symphony Gallery. Meet the visual artist, Nicolas KRAUSS.

Born in the Val de Marne in 1992, Nicolas KRAUSS is a French visual artist, endowed with a creative spirit since his youngest age, the too framed and formatted aspect of the studies known as "classic" bridled the young artist to express his creativity in the domains he likes, he thus reoriented himself towards one of his passions: Cars; Without forgetting his objective: to be able to cross the limits of the imagination and to make a reality of it, to be an artist.

In 2019, desiring to make his dream come true, he launches into contemporary art with his first work, The Teddy Love.

If you were to define yourself in 3 words:

"Ingenuity - Experience - Concept.”

For more of his works visit hit website here. Or check out the other artist at Symphony Gallery.

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