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Lait de Coco identifies as a summer/resort brand and aims to offer you the ultimate necessities for a stylish holiday. The brand aims to present her products and her brand experience through a refined Caribbean flavor, detailed with its art history and culture. The designer these lovely pieces is Nathifa Efia.

Lait de Coco is mainly focused on taking women on a trip to a tropical place where they want to be, what they want to become, and most importantly, what they can be. Besides the timeless- and handmade pieces, the brand also puts a great effort in expressing the female body in the most sophisticated way through the products they offer and carries an important message of uplifting women with all forms and shapes within the genre of the brand. The aim is to give women a certain sense of power along with raising environmental awareness.

The assortment of Lait de Coco is based on a style grounded in sunsets and palm trees, rainforests, pastel colors, the sun and swimming pools, combined with a touch of the Caribbean islands. The exposure of the female body, and melanin skin creates the formula which makes Lait de Coco herself. Take a look at their instagram for more inspiration!!

What is also very important to the brand, is the part where Lait de Coco makes it able for any customer to replace herself with the woman presented by the brand in a new reinvented way. Lait de Coco celebrates women in all forms and puts them on a platform.

Discover more styles online here.

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