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If you are in need of some serious interior inspiration, look no further. Behind 'Indonesia-Jaffa' stands a group of entrepreneurs headed by the designer and curator Gal Enav, whose love story with Indonesia began 8 years ago, when he embarked on a long journey in the country, researched, photographed and put together a unique collection, in which each item is a story - of material, place, culture , nature, art.

Visit the their online store, or if you jump to the Far East, 'Indonesia-Jaffa' is located in a historic and charming lockchain between the flea market and the Greek market in Tel Aviv - an area where shops and workshops are located.

Wander through a wide and inspiring stone space where you can admire the unique collection of items, pieces of life from another world, that made it all the way from Indonesia and brought stories, materials and traditional crafts.

All pieces hand made and unique:

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